Womb Wellness Clinic Registration

You are invited to a day of Powerful Practices & Techniques to take charge of your reproductive health, clear negative cycles and transform your well-being.

“Traditional Mayan abdominal & Healing Techniques “ and “Obsidian Yoni Egg Therapy” and “Yin Yoga and restorative yoga lounge” & “Vaginal-Yoni Steam Sessions”

Sliding scale $18-$60 no one turned away! Invaluable knowledge from female healers and wisdom keepers of female lineage, genital wellness, and self-care practices. Come and bathe in sisterhood, share tea, sign up for a Yoni Steam, network and receive discounts on all products, programs and sessions booked on this day!

12pm Introduction …

Obsidian Egg & Female Vitality Practices — Oct 2017 Workshop

In this workshop we’ll also cover:

  • Entire protocol & guidelines for working with the obsidian egg
  • Visualizations for grounding and clearing unwanted energy. Good for anxiety, overwhelm, and empathetic (highly sensitive people) ones.
  • Working with the power of Intention
  • Basic pelvic floor kegel & abdominal toning exercises building ~agni~ aka digestive fire
  • Intro to Ovarian breathing for building ~chi~aka vital energy
  • Intro to yin yoga postures for restoration of ~chi~
  • Embodying your inner medicine woman!

This is a very rare opportunity and stones in stock are limited so bring a notebook and come be informed of this vital …

Yoga for Dancers and Somatic Educators


“Dance has always been my eternal heart song and the practice of Yoga my discipline. W/out my yoga practice I would not be a grounded integrated being. And without dance my spirit would not know freedom to such an extent. Bridging the worlds between dance and yoga has been a fulfilling task.” This well rounded multi-leveled class incorporates everything a dancer needs to incorporate gently building stamina, strength, core conditioning, as well as the understanding the importance of restoring and protecting the body from injury or illness. This class explores basic bio-mechanical bridges between dance conditioning through yoga asana sequencing. …

Private Classes

If you are not ready to take group classes or prefer more focused attention on developing your yoga practice. We can start with a free consultation which includes a 15-25 minute discussion via phone or in person where we evaluate lifestyle limitations & desires, diets, history of injury, health concerns as well as spiritual virtues. In sessions we will develop your goals, and wishes in cultivating vitality through various mediums of yoga asana, support, breathing, & yogic philosophy, nutrition, therapeutics, and body safety though understanding of bio-mechanics and universal principals of alignment.


Free 25 min Consultation via phone/Skype

1 hr …