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Creating a Water Altar 0


I wanted to share with you all my greatest joy, a gift, and an important tool I have gained being a Water Carrier. How to create a water altar!

How does One become a Water Carrier? I have traveled around the Americas, north to south, seeking many traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and songs that honor the essence of the water element. I have collected waters from streams, great rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, as well as from tears of crying women, from elders who too have carried sacred waters their entire lives. I have collected waters from sacred ceremonies, and also from …


Grief Ritual 0


¨Grief. ¨ After spending some deep time with myself in retreat, I had a revelation. . . I began to see how disease, illness, sadness, depression, addictions all begin because humans have lacked the ability to express their grief. Its all the same heart-aching pain, with different stories and colors. If only we could embrace it for as long as it wants to be held, and express it how ever scary it may appear, that GRIEF may begin to transform and change us and give us the love that we have truly desired underneath it all along.

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