“Obsidian Egg & Female Vitality Practices”

The Obsidian Yoni Egg is a therapeutic tool to heal memories of the female genital tract. It has ability to alleviate cysts, fibroid, herpes, vaginal infections, as well as menstrual pain. It is a way to connect with healthy yin energy and lunar cycles.

The obsidian egg practice is an ancient practice used to heal ancestral patterns, reclaim power, and break free of negative cycles. Removing trauma, it clears and protects from negative energy, balances yin while restoring feminine energy in both men and women. This powerful crystal also releases resentment from others, stimulates the intuition, removes negative attachments as …

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Time to shed some Shakti….

In honor of the first night of Navatratri the festival of the goddess,
we first honor Saraswati Devi,
the Goddess who is art, creativity, learning, knowledge, grace, music, and the movement of Shakti,
and so I feel in it proper, I offer you this piece of work,
as She also represents the perseverance
of seeing work into completion!

As well, In honor of this new moon (in Aires),
World Water Day, and Women’s month,
I offer to the world
this message of feminine uprising….

“It doesn’t matter from which label, image, critical thoughts, judgment

Butterfly Women’s Retreat 2016

“Digital Detox, Yoga-Dance-Earth Rituals, Re-Align with the season & Re-commit to Yourself”


 9/16-18 Dharma Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains

What is it? A weekend for women to come together for earth rituals, connection to nature, reclaiming a healthier relationship with themselves, with nature, with technology. We will council to address ecological issues in a creative way empowering one another to share our wisdom.

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