Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Belly Dance As a HEALING ART and Devotional Dance

montreal-danceThis workshop is about the art of embodying graceful momentum within the body. How do you hold the presence of prayer and devotion while you dance? This dance workshop will derive inspirations from sacred ethnic dances, devotional music and sufi poetry.

All nature pulsates Rhythmically in reoccurring patterns. We observe the most basic fundamental structures of geometry to find that all energy undulates, moving in wave form patterns, it spirals the same way that our DNA is structured. When we observe this wave we can choose to flow with it or …

Intro to Persian & Central Asian Dance

Inspired from the Ancient Dances of the Silk Road


This workshop is an introduction to the classical devotional dances of Persia. Most dances have been inspired by Sufi poetry and the depth of feminine grace can be discovered in this beautiful ways a women articulates her wrists, body gestures as well as angles of the body.


Students will learn:

  • The Art of Gesture
  • Fluidity
  • The Elements
  • Introduction to Stylizations
  • Short Combos


Next Workshop on 5/19!

6-7:30pm The Belly Hive, GrassValley , Ca

This workshop is an introduction to the neo-classical devotional dances of Persia. Many dances have been inspired …