Full Moon Feminine Vitality Practices & Ceremonial Dance


We are extremely honored to bring Ayah Buonaugurio to Studio of the Moon in the beautiful mountains of Chatsworth, Ca for her magical “Feminine Vitality Practices” and “The art of Ceremonial Dance”. In the grounded energy of November’s Full moon in Taurus, we are journeying into the root Chakra; learning to create and sustain vital life force within our bodies, and how to craft sacred dance rituals either for performance or for personal transformation.

SATURDAY: 11a- 2p “Feminine Vitality Practices & Obsidian Eggs”

With Ayah we will dive into powerful vitality practices & techniques that can improve reproductive health, clear negative trauma and transform your well-being. We will also learn about Obsidian, and it’s use in Feminine rituals and healing.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • -visualizations for grounding and clearing unwanted energy.
  • -working with the power of Intention
  • -basic pelvic floor kegel & abdominal toning exercises
  • for building “agni” aka digestive fire
  • -intro to Ovarian breathing for building “chi” aka vital energy
  • -intro to yin yoga postures for restoration of “chi”
  • -embodying your inner medicine woman
  • -entire protocol & guidelines for working with the Obsidian egg

Obsidian is a volcanic glass stone found primarily in Mexico and India. Since the stone is so extremely absorbent to the energies in its surroundings, it is important that One is well informed when working with Obsidian for healing. It is a very powerful and creative stone that takes courage and proper instructions to work with. The eggs that Ayah is bringing were custom made in Mexico for us with love and integrity and given to us with prayers. This is a very rare opportunity and the stones in stock are limited so bring a notebook and come learn about this vital womb healing practice! ♥

$70 Pre-Registration:
admission + Obsidian Yoni Egg included

$80 At the Door:
admission + Obsidian Yoni Egg included

$30-$45 Sliding scale admission:
covers workshop ONLY, Obsidian Egg NOT included.

(Additional Obsidian eggs will be for sale at $50 per stone,
along with specific instructions for safe keeping.)

SUNDAY: 11a- 1p The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dance

We open this workshop with “The Dance of Life”, a four directions dance that has roots in Cherokee tradition. This dance is easy for everyone to learn and is a powerful tool for calling energy into a space. The dance of life allows for the heart to burst open with receptivity to mother earth, all her elements as well as opening to the higher cosmos unifying and integrating all the directions into the human body. The dance invokes true inner guidance with heart medicine and provides a way to bring communities together.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • -Preparing for ceremony
  • -Creating a safe energetic container
  • -Dance of LIfe
  • -Invocations, offerings, trance, grounding
  • -Prayer as intention in performance art
  • -Archetypes, Directions, Elementals, Guides
  • -Opening and Closing circle

In this workshop, Ayah will guide you to create a choreography that embodies the depth of your prayer. You will learn how to prepare sacred spaces based on ancient techniques, you will be able to define what is ceremonial art pertaining to dance and how we can authentically incorporate it as a foundation to creating sacred dances. We will learn how to create the space to allow the discovery of our deepest heartfelt prayers. Whether one intends to use this workshop for performance art or personal ritual, amazing breakthroughs are possible!

$30 pre-registration
$35 at the door.

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Pre-Register for BOTH workshops and get a 12$ discount!!

9/4 Saturday 11a-2p & 9/5 Sunday 11a-1p
“Feminine Vitality Practices” “Creating Ceremonial Dance”

Includes the Obsidian Egg and 5 hours of workshop time!
Space is limited!
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