Grief Ritual

¨Grief. ¨ After spending some deep time with myself in retreat, I had a revelation. . . I began to see how disease, illness, sadness, depression, addictions all begin because humans have lacked the ability to express their grief. Its all the same heart-aching pain, with different stories and colors. If only we could embrace it for as long as it wants to be held, and express it how ever scary it may appear, that GRIEF may begin to transform and change us and give us the love that we have truly desired underneath it all along.

In Production of this with the inspiration of my Beloved dance director/teacher/friend Anandha Ray
“Today I had a wonderful rehearsal with Ayah Buonaugurio, for a performance on the theme of grief. There was so much that came through. Most importantly it was very clear that to perform grief, it is not our job to put a happy ending on it, even though our society in the US really hates it when there is not a happy ending. Rather, it is important to show that grief is a basic of human experience, we all experience it, it is not bad even though it’s hard to deal with. BUT… by viewing the artistic performance of grief those who view it can feel comforted by not feeling alone. HOW MANY TIMES have those who grieved heard “It’ll be OK.” and told it a myriad of ways to just get over it. Grief, may be uncomfortable for oneself and for those around, but it is what makes us human to experience the full range of emotions, and to support others who do so. The next time you feel annoyed because you feel like someone is wallowing in their grief, instead try to really listen to them. Sometimes they need to talk a lot (the loss of a lifetime together) and sometimes not as much, but they need to feel heard, understood, and know that however they grieve it is normal and that without love there is not grief, without grief there is not love. It is a greatness of LOVING that we grieve.”