“Ayah is a gifted healer and teacher! The love and care in her heart shines through her sacred offerings in such a beautiful way! She is talented, nurturing and wise. My experience receiving her bodywork and learning dance from her has been wonderful! Thank you Ayah, for so gracefully sharing your magic with us!”
— Ali Maya

“I want to share my appreciation for the skill and application of healing techniques by Ayah Buonaugurio, whose session with touch, compresses of herbs, and salve on my sprained ankle gave me a directly noticeable improvement.”
— Micheal A.Bedar

“I absolutely recommend Ayah as a yoga teacher and thai yoga masseuse. I’ve been taking yoga classes with her for over a year and a half. As a matter of fact, I followed her from one studio to the next and joined a women’s gym because of her. I love that she gives her students micro-adjustments that help us align to the poses as they were intended. Her unique teaching style keeps things fresh and allows for students to be continually improving while learning new things. Ayah is always studying new techniques and wellness therapies to weave into her classes. She is also a talented Thai yoga massage therapist! I recently had my second session with her and it felt like a spa treatment for my whole body. It was such a treat! Ask for the heated herbal compresses, they are really amazing!”
— Janice Lum

“Ayah is so much more than a Yoga teacher! She combines the keen insight and intuition of a shaman healer with very well versed practices and a thorough understanding of the body dynamics and energy flows to help deliver a personalized Yoga flow that, for me, was most effective for my constitution and my own individual needs. So much more than I could have expected from any Yoga class. Well paced, gradual in building up, and taking me right to the edges and resistances I wanted to stretch into, in a customized Yoga program. I would warmly recommend her to anyone seeking to get the best understanding and mindfulness of the Yoga practice.”
— Andrei Armeano

“In the past ten years, I have made numerous attempts to implement yoga into my life, but have given up on those attempts far more than I have tried to see them through. Whether this is attributed to my fear of failure in performing the poses, reluctance to challenge myself, or a culmination of both; Ayah’s yoga instruction has been such a blessing. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the bio-mechanics of the body, but she provides great emotional understanding to all the poses and the art of yoga. Initially, I thought that she may be too advanced to teach someone at my level, but I have learned that regardless of where you are at, she knows exactly how to meet you at that level and help you understand and grow. I speak with utmost honesty when I say that yoga with Ayah has been a truly liberating and life-changing experience for me. I feel stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. Thank you so much, Ayah!”
— Farah Ansari

“Ayah is a great teacher and spiritual guide. She motivates you and helps you focus on your intentions through movement, breath and music.”
— Nicanor Snow

“Ayah has been practicing and teaching yoga since her teens. She is very versatile and patient with each and every level of student and brings balance and spiritual awareness to her practice and to her students. Every time I take a class with Ayah, I learn new poses, and come to a better understanding of my practice and my body. She utilizes music and her love of motion to bring grace and thoughtfulness to our practice. A truly wonderful teacher!”
— Patricia Martin

“I treasure yoga with Ayah because she teaches in a way that is deeply nourishing to my spirit.  Her strong understanding of alignment grounds her playful and intuitive flow. I leave her classes energized, rested, and with deep gratitude for her wise and heartfelt offerings.”
— Shila