Obsidian Egg & Female Vitality Practices — Oct 2017 Workshop

In this workshop we’ll also cover:

  • Entire protocol & guidelines for working with the obsidian egg
  • Visualizations for grounding and clearing unwanted energy. Good for anxiety, overwhelm, and empathetic (highly sensitive people) ones.
  • Working with the power of Intention
  • Basic pelvic floor kegel & abdominal toning exercises building ~agni~ aka digestive fire
  • Intro to Ovarian breathing for building ~chi~aka vital energy
  • Intro to yin yoga postures for restoration of ~chi~
  • Embodying your inner medicine woman!

This is a very rare opportunity and stones in stock are limited so bring a notebook and come be informed of this vital womb healing practice! Obsidian eggs will be for sale at an additional $50 cost per stone, along with specific instructions for safe keeping.


Reserve your spot, spaces fill up quick!

To Pre-Register please send an email to Healingthroughmovement@gmail.com


Your deposit of $25 will hold your spot
$59 will reserve your obsidian egg w/safekeeping instructions and cover admission (Save $16!)
$33 Door price w/out pre-registration

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