Her Revival Retreat: A Fall Equinox Camp-out – Retreat Registration

An annual fall equinox campout in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Yoga-dance- womb nourishing ritual, digital-detox,

Sweat-lodge purification ceremony, nourishing meals

“Digital Detox, Yoga-Dance-Earth Rituals, Re-Align with the season & Re-commit to Yourself”

9/21-24 Dharma Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains

What is it? Her Revival Retreat is a weekend for women to come together to honor the earth through ritual as well as  develop a healthier relationship with themselves, nature, and technology. We gather as a council to address ecological issues in a creative way, empowering each other to share our wisdom.

Main Objectives

We ask ourselves how we can live in more harmony with nature. Through self-empowerment, women are able to support a better world. This retreat supports a healthy digital detox, allowing us to release our attachments to technology. Through conversation, journaling, and artwork, we create balance in how we handle the modern world.

Through yoga, dance, and earth ritual, we will creatively explore how we can integrate our ecological concerns and love for Mother Earth in a daily practice as inspired by spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Love letter to the Earth”. We strengthen our mindfulness and ecological activism by slowing down, listening to nature, and bonding in sisterhood.

We work to empower women so that they may be seen for their wisdom and gifts through community networking activities.


Locally sourced vegetarian organic food
Prepared with nourishing seasonal wisdom
Snacks & potluck prepared Friday, 3 meals Saturday, 2 meals Sunday
All are invited to bring a potluck dish to share Friday night with locally sourced ingredients, as a way to take part in low carbon footprint, local foods, and seasonal inspiration.
Every woman must sign up for at least one: kitchen prep or cleanup
Every woman must bring her own eat-ware and utensils.
Every woman must wash her own dishes.

Is Her Revival Retreat for you? Questions to consider:

Are you ready to dive into a supportive sisterhood that thrives off deep earth wisdom?

Would you like to be more established in feminine vitality daily practices?

How resource-intensive is your life and are you interested in ways to make it less so?

What do you take for granted every day that is a precious resource? (water, electricity, food, books, gas, etc)

Would you like to take a mini-retreat from your cell-phone to visit the womb of the Mother Earth as resource for creativity?

Are you ready to live a more sustainable life and evolve beyond a culture that promotes over-consumption and waste?

Early Bird before 7/15 : $333!

After 7/15 : $444

Limited work-trade avail.

Your loving facilitator:

Ayah Buonaugurio

Ayah has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing and ceremonial arts into her passion for therapeutic movement and health. She has been honored for her invitation and vision to create ceremonial dances in sacred sites. Having moved to SF bay Area in 2012 to Study ethno-contempoary central Asian dances with renowned dancer Miriam Peretz, Ayah currently dances with Nava Dance Collective. She has performed with “Shahrzad Dance Company”, “Ballet Afsnaeh” and currently “Sorayya” of U.C Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area. These dance companies feature Persian and sacred dances of the Silk Road.
She is a former member of the Quimera, a shamanic tribal- fusion dance tribe in the Bay Area , directed by modern dancer choreographer and dance therapist Anandha Ray. Ayah continues to inspire and offer the encouragement of deep prayer and grace through her performance art as well as teaching.

Ayah Buonaugurio has been teaching Hatha Yoga, as well as facilitating woman’s empowerment circles, ceremonial arts and sacred dances for over 12 years. Certified Yoga Instructor RYA, 200 SomaVeda Thai Massage Therapist. Spiritual minister through the FOI (fellowship of Isis) as well as of ONACS (Native American Church).
you can discover more about her specific services at: