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Time to shed some Shakti….

In honor of the first night of Navatratri the festival of the goddess,
we first honor Saraswati Devi,
the Goddess who is art, creativity, learning, knowledge, grace, music, and the movement of Shakti,
and so I feel in it proper, I offer you this piece of work,
as She also represents the perseverance
of seeing work into completion!

As well, In honor of this new moon (in Aires),
World Water Day, and Women’s month,
I offer to the world
this message of feminine uprising….

“It doesn’t matter from which label, image, critical thoughts, judgment she has imposed upon herself. There are many roles women play in order to make themselves feel fit in society, or for a man. Women can drop their guards, gather in power and in doing so become the walking prayer for mother earth and for generations to come. ”

This video collaboration was shot last summer 2016 yet I myself, have been reluctant to offer it to social media. Putting this video out indeed challenges my own image and statement as a woman. How auspicious that I would produce a message meant for women to dispel their limiting self-projections yet by doing so I would personally be challenged by this very virtue! (this is when the art becomes the medicine!) Second, the collaboration w/ the Videographer and I left unfinished scenes which gave lack of clarity and intended depth to the actual story-line. And third, I had to let go of expecting to exemplify my skills as a dancer or choreographer because all those attempted shots did not edit well. What a great learning curve! Being an artist and putting yourself out there is completely horrific at times! I find that as I surrender it allows the message to flow and be free like water birthing reflection for how women can see herself whole again.

I want to put forth my gratitude for the inspiration of Mike Leibowitz for coming forth and inviting me to collaborate with his video skills. Without his input, creativity and skills this would not have been possible. Many working hours into editing and I appreciate so much the men who hold the vision and heart to appreciate the message of the divine feminine uprising on the planet in these times.
I want to give my respect and regards for the collaboration and inspiration of one of my greatest dance mentors, teacher, humble apprentice and fellow priestess of Anandha Ray. Her friendship and continuous devotion to the message of healing through dance has been pioneering the new age and what is possible in the world of modern dance. I always find her stunning, eloquent and full of humility whether she facilitates or performs dance. I’m grateful for her support on this project.
Thank you to all of the beautiful women who showed up on Muir beach to shoot this video and carry water with me. This day was filled with fierce uncomfortable weather conditions and all these women regardless of size, shape, race, feelings all showed up full power to expose themselves in prayer and dance.!
Thanks to Ilan GleiserGleiser from Fractal Force for his musical inspiration and all the beauty that his music brings to the supporting the divine feminine. I spent months looking for the right music for this piece and one day he randomly sent me a track of his new album, and a light went off in my head. So perfect, I ‘m appreciating the message of this track so much !
Last but not least, I want to dedicate this video to the friendship and inspiration of my younger sister Stephanie Buonaugurio as well as my strong loving mother Patricia Gallagher Martin . .