Other Offerings

  • Yoga Classes

  • Thai yoga massage

  • Women’s Sanctuary

  • Hathor Attunements

Healing Through Dance

Each time we get on a dance floor and initiate an expression of movement, a passage way from the physical to the spiritual opens. This right of passage is a Ritual. When we dance from this true innate place, cellular memories open and are activated.

Once opened, intuition floods through pulsating the life force that reveals to us the magnificence of life, it shows us how we are all connected to this great mystery and to each other. We are tapped into the memory of our soul through dance, everything we need to understand about our-selves can be revealed; voices of our Ancestors come through and we remember our lineage, most important our connection to Spirit.

When we dance in a way that is Ecstatic or Ritualized our brain waves change to a Alpha/Beta state, and in this altered state we have the opportunity to re-program old patterns embedded in our DNA. We can truly heal ourselves through dancing and exploring our relationship to movement.

Most importantly, Embodying self-love through dance is an opportunity to open to a force beyond any limited concepts of the “Self”.