Feminine Vitality

Sunday, August 13 at 11 AM – 9 PM

A Day of mystical dance and thriving self care practices
Une journée de danse mystique et de soins pour se féconder d’abondance

With Elise-Anne & Ayah Buonaugurio (from San Francisco, California)

11-11h30 Arrivée libre et accueil
11h30 Rituel d’intention et création d’un autel collectif
12-14h Danser la fluidité, la réceptivité et l’enracinement avec Elise-Anne
14 Diner (amener un picnic consistant et nourrissant)
15-17h Danse mystique Perse avec Ayah
17h Pause et snacks
17h30 Entrée dans la loge de sudation (betsiaid)
11h Arrival and welcoming
11h30 Ritual of intention, creating a collective altar
12-14 5Rhythms embodiment with Elise-Anne
14h Lunch (Please bring a sustainable picnic)
15-17 Persian Sacred dance with Ayah
17h Break, light snacks and drinks
17h30 Entering the sweat- lodge

Pre-registration before 8/9 $85
after: $95

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Mystical Persian Dance
This workshop is an introduction to the neo-classical devotional dances of Persia. Many dances have been inspired by Sufi poetry as well as depicted from miniature art. The depth of feminine grace can be discovered in this beautiful ways a women articulates her wrists, body gestures as well as angles of the body.

Students will learn:
The Art of Gesture
The Elements
Basic steps
Short Combos

Your loving facilitator:

Ayah Buonaugurio

Ayah Buonaugurio is a teacher, performer and student of ceremonial arts with an additional focus on ethno-contemporary dance and therapeutic movement. Ayah has been facilitating dance ritual movement arts for over a decade. She began as a child in ballet, tap & gymnastics, and became fascinated with the eloquent movements of arabic dancers which led to an immersion into the many facets of Silk Road Dance (Central asian & middle eastern) . Ayah spent nearly 9 years traveling abroad to study ceremonial native dances and indigenous medicine which she incorporates into her performance art as well as teaching format “The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dances”. Having moved to San Francisco bay area in 2012 to pursue primarily Persian, Central Asian dance, Ayah has been performing with SF Bay area companies which feature Sacred Dances of the Silk Road. Ayah also has been found performing and working closely with teachers/directors Anandha Ray of “Quimera”, Miriam Peretz w/” Nava Dance Collective” and previously Sharlyn Sawyer of “Ballet Afsaneh” , as well as “Shahrazad Dance Company”. Ayah is a Certified Yoga Instructor and carries currently 2 ministry licenses through the Fellowship of Isis, as well as ONACS (native american church). Ayah currently maintains a career as a Yoga Instructor, Thai Massage Therapist, Women’s Health Advocate & Spiritual Mentor. She continues to encourage deep prayer and creative expression through her offerings. For more info, bio & schedule check out