Nava Dance Collective

Nava is an international collective of dancers devoted to cross-cultural dialogue and artistic collaboration through traditional, sacred, and ethno-contemporary dance forms. Creating sisterhood and bridging cultures, religions and peoples from a diverse background is at the heart of the Collective. The group’s name is symbolic of its mission. Nava is a word shared by the Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi and Turkish languages. In Farsi and Turkish Nava means sound or tune. It is also the name of one the main Dastgah (musical modes) in the Persian and Turkish Classical music traditions. In the Hebrew language, Nava means pleasant, graceful, beautiful and is a common girls’ name. Also, in Hindi, Nava means young or new. Nava’s performances are infused with layers of prayers, intentions, rituals, and love.

Under the direction of Miriam Peretz, dancers from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds collaborate in the creation of meaningful projects and performances. Dancers in the collective immerse in the unique movement language developed by Miriam Peretz, and also draw inspiration from other dancers in the collective.

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