The Art of Ceremonial Dance

We all have a story that makes up our life, our existence, our joy and pain. We begin to dance for the clear vision of peace asking for the vision to guide and heal us.

This workshop will give you foundation to create a score or choreography that embodies the depth of your prayer. In this workshop you will define what is ceremonial art pertaining to dance and how can we authentically incorporate it as a foundation to creating sacred dances.

We create the space to allow the discovery our deepest heartfelt prayers. Whether one intends to use this workshop for performance art or personal ritual amazing breakthroughs are possible!


The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dance

Learn how to prepare sacred spaces
based on ancient tools that have been
commonly utilized by native peoples.

  • Preparing for ceremonial
  • Invocation, Offering, Trance, Grounding
  • Prayer as intention in Performance Art
  • Archetypes, Directions, Elementals & Spiritual Guides
  • Opening & Closing Circle
  • Clearing Space




The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dances

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