“Ayah is so much more than a Yoga teacher! She combines the keen insight and intuition of a shaman healer with very well versed practices and a thorough understanding of the body dynamics and energy flows to help deliver a personalized Yoga flow that, for me, was most effective for my constitution and my own individual needs. So much more than I could have expected from any Yoga class. Well paced, gradual in building up, and taking me right to the edges and resistances I wanted to stretch into, in a customized Yoga program. I would warmly recommend her to anyone seeking to get the best understanding and mindfulness of the Yoga practice.”

 Andrei Armeano, Oakland, CA

“In the past ten years, I have made numerous attempts to implement yoga into my life, but have given up on those attempts far more than I have tried to see them through. Whether this is attributed to my fear of failure in performing the poses, reluctance to challenge myself, or a culmination of both;  Ayah’s yoga instruction has been such a blessing.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the bio-mechanics of the body, but she provides great emotional understanding to all the poses and the art of yoga. Initially, I thought that she may be too advanced to teach someone at my level, but I have learned that regardless of where you are at, she knows exactly how to meet you at that level and help you understand and grow.  I speak with utmost honesty when I say that yoga with Ayah has been a truly liberating and life-changing experience for me.  I feel stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Thank you so much, Ayah!”

Farah Ansari, Berkeley, CA

“Ayah is a great teacher and spiritual guide. She motivates you and helps you focus on your intentions through movement, breath and music.”

Nicanor Snow, Danvers, MA

“My intention is to help you to develop a practice that allows you to ‘drop in’ and cultivate self-empowerment.”

Ayah was introduced to Yoga by her Mother at the age of 15 and fully utilized her practice to heal after a severe car accident. She has been teaching in California and abroad for 8 years. Her strongest foundation is in studies with Anusara yoga, Sacred dance, and therapeutics based on the bio-mechanics of movement.

Ayah’s classes embody themes of personal empowerment, she inspires self expression while sequencing through postures that emphasize strong inner body awareness. Integrative alignment principals are introduced which aims to encourage each student’s highest goals in attaining anatomical alignment with integrity in practice. As a musician she enjoys interweaving the quality of sound, chants, and often live tunes to accompany her classes.

Ayah has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing and ceremonial arts into her passion for yoga, dance and therapeutics.  Ayah continues to encourage and inspire deep prayer and grace in the practice of her peers.

She completed her first teacher training at Greenpath Yoga in 2004 in San Francisco, RYA, (Asthanga tradition with Clayton Horton), and since then has been studying with a variety of Anusara teachers (John Friend, Hanneli Francis, Sarah Rose, Katchi Ananda, Kenny & Chrissy Graham, Desiree Rambaugh, and Stacey Rosenburg), completing various immersions and therapeutics, and teacher trainings.

 All classes begin with setting intentions, pranayama practices, and chanting.

Current Classes


Hi Friends! Namaste, I’m currently taking a mini break from performing arts and taking on more yoga classes the month of June. Ready to go deeper? Classes tend to be inspired from Anusara & Hatha yoga studies in vinyasa flow format and knowledge of bio-mechanics are applied to assure the utmost protection as well as graceful opening  in the body. Come to you first class for free. Check our schedule:

At YogaKula , Berkeley.
Tuesdays 10-1130 am Level 1/2
Thursdays 10-1130 am Level 1/2
Sundays 1045-12pm & 6-730pm All Levels

At Ojas Yoga Center ( El Cerrito Plaza) 
Mondays 6pm level 1/2
Tuesdays 12pm Yoga for dancers

Privates Package DISCOUNT!

If you aren’t ready to take group classes or prefer more focused attention on developing your yoga practice. We can start with a free consultation which includes a 15-25 minute discussion via phone or in person where we evaluate lifestyle limitations & desires, diets, history of injury, health concerns as well as spiritual virtues.  In sessions we will develop your goals,  and wishes in cultivating vitality through various mediums of yoga asana,  support, breathing, tantric & yogic philosophy , nutrition, therapeutics, and reconditions though understanding of bio-mechanic and universal principals of alignment.

1 hr private $65

 month of June! $55 or Buy 3 Discount $150

1 1/2 private $100

Month of June! $ 75 each or Buy 3 Discount $ 230 


Yoga for Dancers and Somatic Educators

“Dance has always been my eternal heart song and the practice of Yoga my discipline. W/out my yoga practice I would not be a grounded integrated being. And without dance my spirit would not know freedom to such an extent. Bridging the worlds between dance and yoga has been a fulfilling task.

This well rounded multi-leveled class incorporates everything a dancer needs to incorporate gently building stamina, strength, core conditioning, as well as the understanding the importance of restoring and protecting the body from injury or illness.

This class explores basic bio-mechanical bridges between dance conditioning through yoga asana sequencing. While developing breathing techniques and adopting healthy attitudes about our bodies we can bridge connection to that which is most important in our lives. 

Tuesdays 12-1:15 pm

Ojas Yoga Center

707 El Cerrito Plaza (2nd floor/mezzanine)

El Cerrito, CA 94530


Community Yoga

Sunday 6:00-7:30 pm

All-levels donation based


1700 Shattuck Ave, 2nd floor

Berkeley, CA


Vinyasa Yoga (All-levels)

Mondays 6pm-7:30pm

Tuesdays 12-1:15 pm

Ojas Yoga Center

707 El Cerrito Plaza (2nd floor/mezzanine)

El Cerrito, CA 94530

Ayah Yoga TeacherPrivate Sessions

Private sessions: 1 1/2 hr long $75-100

No one ever turned away for lack of funds!

In private sessions we discuss personal goals and focus on designing a practice that empowers and integrates your life-style as well as bodily needs.

Sessions can include:

  • therapeutics
  • designing a yoga practice that suits your life-style, personal and spiritual goals as well as bodily stamina and limitations
  •  understanding your COMMITMENT.
  • Understanding of Tantric/Vedic and various yogic philosophy
  • understanding bio-mechanics how to move in a way that protects your joints, muscles, bones as well as inner body
  •  together we will nurture the foundation– recognizing your limitations (may they be injuries etc) and learning how to emphasize your strengths in practice
  • nutritional and cleansing support available

Call Today for a FREE complimentary Consultation 



  • Have you ever had a yoga/movement  teacher before?
  • What did you learn about your self? What challenges do you currently face?
  • What would you like to target in your life with your body and your spiritual practice?
  • How do you believe I can help you?