Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Belly Dance As a HEALING ART and Devotional Dance

montreal-danceThis workshop is about the art of embodying graceful momentum within the body. How do you hold the presence of prayer and devotion while you dance? This dance workshop will derive inspirations from sacred ethnic dances, devotional music and sufi poetry.

All nature pulsates Rhythmically in reoccurring patterns. We observe the most basic fundamental structures of geometry to find that all energy undulates, moving in wave form patterns, it spirals the same way that our DNA is structured. When we observe this wave we can choose to flow with it or against. We can discover an unlimited expression of Grace to play with. Influenced by the work of Axis Syllabus and understanding the bio-mechanics of movement in relation to Fibonacci Spiral.

We will learn how to catch and ride the currents and waves the pulsate through our bodies and we move through space.


  • Rootz: history and foundation of where Oriental dance originated
  • Basic warm ups, drills, technique with combined choreography
  • The art of belly dance: creating personal and collective ritual
  • Use of props, rhythm, costumes
  • The secret in belly dance: isolating stomach muscles to manipulate the rise and fall of energy
  • Understanding the spinal column
  • Observation through walking
  • Restorative partner exercises.