“Thinking Inside the Box” directed by Anandha Ray

Preparing for PUSHFEST dance festival at ODC dance commons in SF 9/18 & 9/20This dance choreography doesn’t necessarily look nor feel pretty, but it captivates, provokes and heals beyond measure. I have not always been 100% convinced that the process of the production of a dance piece can heal our deepest wound….until now. With “Thinking inside the BOX” the audience is invited to set an intention to create closure any painful cycle that has been lingering in their lives. I will soon be blogging about my own process more…… Special gratitude to Robert Elvin Domondon who attended us to film and photograph a documentary.

I always dreamed that one day I would perform a dance piece which would evoke the chaotic state of pain and suffering that I felt the world contaminated me with. I imagined it would be raw and vulnerable, exposing abstract truths while demanding attention. I imagined again it would affirm victory in conquering my own inner demons while at the same time revealing softly who I truly am inside.  I always hoped that my performance art would some day attain a perfection which could heal and provoke change in audiences. The perfection of my pain body delineated in art would be my greatest offering to the discourse of my life. My artistic director Anandha Ray developed her own process of choreographing by evoking the subconscious to instruct the dance and has thus concluded in “The intention of the dance is to bring closure to one’s life in a specific manner…..”

Back in the February of 2014 Ray directed me to produce what I called a “Grief Ritual” . This is the first time in my life that I produced a dance that was dark and vulnerable. In the dance studio Anandha propels the subconsciousness of the dancer to reveal a story that needs the surface in that time. Timing is auspicious. I was grieving greatly during this time and decided to create a dance to portray the depth of that emotion because I knew that if Others could witness this, is would allow them to access their own grief which so often becomes suppressed. I concluded that suppressed grief turns into illness and therefor needed to share my grief ritual giving others permission to access their own ability to transform.

With “Thinking inside the Box” We brought live serpents into the dance. Learning to move with snakes is a great gift . They teach us that You cannot control them, but if you learn to surrender you can direct their flow. When you become the serpent though dancing with them then you can truly manipulate them. When you learn that your power does not come from you , you can not control it, you can only invite and allow source to come through then it becomes a tremendous creative force that you guide and instruct.